Mani Tour

Come and visit proud Mani that never was subjugated to any invaders.

You will see the modern history of Greece in one of its sun-lit areas where the old borders the new, where nature remains clean and virgin, where the sea meets the mountains!

You will find the world’s most beautiful floating caves, the unusual architectural structures, the houses that look like towers and settlements like fortresses! Their churches are decorated with the most splendid frescoes.

Come and walk along the old and narrow stone paths of traditional villages, see the Taygetos gorges, enjoy the local olive oil, paste meat, honey and Taygetos mountain tea, cookies (diples), herbs and fresh fish.

You will enjoy the hospitality of people who remain pure and unspoiled, who follow the traditional customs and habits, people whose word means as much as any legal document.

Intresting places to be visited:

Mistras and Monemvasia, on the East - South part of Mani, follow the route from Drosopigi towards the end of the "middle Peloponnese finger" (the Southest mainland point of whole Europe), by visiting: Kotronas, Nifi, Kokkala, Lagia, Vathia, Marmari, Porto Kagio, Cape Tainaron then taking the return way back towards the West part of Mani, you may visit: Gerolimenas, Diro Caves, Aeropolis, Limeni, Neo Oitilo, Oitilo, and further more Stoupa & Kardamyli.

On the North side you may visit: Gythion, Marathonisi, Kelefa castle, and very close to the Guest House, please visit Drosopigi old and new Village, the water spring, the old olive press & the castle with the old church in Old Karioupolis.

Useful links:

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